Monohulls < 18' wide: $220.-/month
Multihulls < 25' wide: $360.-/month
Multihulls > 25': $450.-/month
End Dock (monohulls > 55'): 400.-/month
Monohulls > 55': must use end dock for maximum support.
Daily rate mono hulls: US$10.00
(Incl. once monthly check of bilge, batteries and run motor)

Beer: $2.00/bottle or can
Soft drinks: $1.00/bottle or can

Cleaning, inside and/or outside: Q40.- per hour
Clothes washer: $3.- per load
Clothes dryer: $3.- per load
Dinghi & motor storage: $15.00 per month
Electricity (metered): $0.50 per kwh
Launch service: Q50.- from Bridge to Mario´s Marina
Open/close hatches for ventilation: Q20.00 per visit
Potable water for boats: Free for marina guests only
Pressure washer: $12.00 per hour, incl. fuel and oil
Marina Rates for 2018
Monkey Bay Marina
Río Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala 
Operated by La Soñada S.A.  -  INGUAT Reg. Resolution 892-2005-D 

Due to volatility of fuel prices we reserve the right to adjust electricity rate at any time.
Page last updated: August 9, 2017